5 Simple Tricks for a Flatter Stomach

5 Simple Tricks for a Flatter Stomach

Everyone wants a flat stomach, yet a flat stomach is hard to come by for many reasons. You can do thousands of crunches, but if you have some bloat going on in your mid-section those crunches are not going to show off any of your hard work. Below lists how to get a flat stomach by following a few easy tricks.


Twisting yoga moves are especially good at squeezing out that extra gas in your intestines causing bloat. Yoga poses also can aid digestion and soothe the organs. An easy yoga pose that is especially beneficial is Apanasana which has you lying on your back with knees tucked into your chest.


Probiotics are good bacteria that naturally inhabit our gut and they help to digest your food for you. If you don’t have enough good bacteria, this makes it harder for your body to digest foods which can lead to gas and bowel buildup – resulting in a bloated stomach. Look for a probiotic that has at least 5 billion CFU.

Avoid inflammatory foods

Inflammatory food refers to food that is likely to cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the root of basically all disease, but it also leads to water retention on puffiness to the abdomen as well as to the entire body. Inflammatory foods to avoid include fried food, soda, and processed foods.


Water helps to flush out excess sodium which can cause fluid retention. Aim to get at least 64 ounces of water per day, and even more if you are sweating a lot with your workout.


Most vegetables are natural diuretics because they are mostly water. As discussed above, taking in more water the better because it helps your body to get rid of excess sodium and sheds the excess water as well.


Any type of jumping exercise is good for decreasing bloat because it uses gravity to help pull things out. This is why jumping exercises such as running, is especially helpful for treating bloating due to constipation.

Avoid lactose

Just about everyone has some intolerance to lactose found in dairy products, which can lead to very unpleasant side effects of the stomach, most notably bloating and gas. You don’t have to totally cut out dairy, just avoid high lactose foods such as cream, milk, and soft cheeses.