The 12 Bad Habits of Office Workers

The 12 Bad Habits of Office Workers

If you are someone who goes to an office everyday or several days a week, you may have accumulated some bad habits along the way that may be negatively affecting your health. Through my experience, I have noticed the following bad habits of my office worker patients...

1. Your work area is a mess

Think messy desk, messy mind. Prevent distractions and keep a clear head by keeping your work space neat and tidy.

2. You don't take time to prepare a healthy breakfast

If you aren't taking a few minutes in the morning to prepare a healthy and satisfying breakfast, there is a good chance you will just grab a pastry or muffin on your way to work. Don't make this mistake and take just ten minutes to prepare something healthy for breakfast such as eggs.

3. You order delivery

Ordering food to your desk is a mistake for a few reasons, most notably that this means you likely won't get up from your desk or leave your office. This means less walking and less activity for your body. Instead, try to pack a healthy lunch most days of the week.

4. You dine out every day

Dining out is better than ordering delivery, however, this means that you will likely not be getting a very healthy meal and it's more costly than bringing your own lunch. Also think about the time you waste waiting in line to order food. Again, try and pack a lunch and bring it to work.

5. You don't take a walk at lunch

Getting outside and getting some light exercise is great for both your body and mind. Even just getting ten minutes of activity is helpful for boosting the feel good hormones, plus sunlight is great for giving you a boost of energy to get through the rest of the afternoon.

6. You don't keep a water bottle at your desk

If you don't have water easily accessible at your desk, you are less likely to drink much water during the day. Dehydration can lead to a number of negative consequences including decreased productivity, headaches, and fatigue. Having a water bottle at your desk serves as a reminder to keep yourself hydrated.

7. You get an afternoon coffee and pastry

That afternoon coffee and pastry might sound like a nice treat, but you will pay for it later. Having caffeine later in the day can lead to sleep problems at night and the pastry causes a spike and subsequent drop in blood sugar. Instead, just take a walk outside and leave the coffee for the morning.

8. You don't practice good posture

If you sit at a desk and use a computer, there is a good chance you are hunching over a good amount of the day. Hunching your back leads to back and neck problems.

9. You don't stretch at work

Sitting at a desk all day leads to aches and pains most notably in the back, shoulders, and neck areas - especially if you aren't practicing good posture. Take a few minutes a day to stand up and reach your hands above your head and then sweep them down to your toes, do some head circles, and take some twists. Doing these small moves will help to prevent aches and pains from coming on.

10. You have a snack drawer

A snack drawer is way too tempting - it makes it too easy to snack all day! Instead, eat a healthy and filling breakfast and a good lunch to prevent needing to snack.

11. You eat at your desk

Eating at your desk is a bad habit for a number of reasons, most notably that you will be easily distracted by what is on your desk and/or by your office workers who are in the near vicinity.

12. You don't get up from your desk for hours at a time

Sitting all day can lead to stiffness and back problems. Make a point of getting up from your seat at least every hour.